Martha McCarthy

Martha McCarthy

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Quince Players Gala Night supporting Martha

The Quince Players have kindly donated a number of tickets to the opening night of The Wind in the Willows (this years pantomime) to Martha's Magic Steps to help raise money for Martha's on-going physiotherapy and equipment.

Quince Players supporting Martha

The Gala Night takes place on Thursday 16th January 2014 at 7:30pm at the Cordes Hall in Sunninghill. Tickets are just £10. Please contact Angela or Patrick to reserve tickets.

Monday, 18 November 2013

Martha Trials New Eye Gaze Computer

Martha has been trialling a new eye gaze computer at school that tracks her eye movements and can tell where on the screen she is looking. This allows Martha to operate the specialist computer software totally independently just with her eyes.

Martha painting a picture with the eye gaze computer
At the moment Martha is getting used to using the computer and can do things like make simple choices (e.g. which nursery rhyme she would like to hear), open doors to see what animal is behind them if she maintains her gaze on the door for three seconds and splats custard pies in peoples faces if she looks at them - one of Martha's favourites.

Martha will trial the eye gaze computer until the end of the month and we will then start discussing with the school if we can get one for Martha to use full time.

Watching Martha use the eye gaze computer is amazing and it should make a huge difference in the way Martha can communicate with the world around her.

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Martha is Diagnosed with Epilepsy

Martha has this week been formally diagnosed with epilepsy. Martha has been having "petit-mal" type seizures for a few months and she was referred to a paediatrician at Frimley Park Hospital to investigate.

Martha having an EEG at St Peters

Martha attended St Peters hospital for an electroencephalograph (EEG). The preliminary results have shown that she has generalised seizures (meaning both sides of the brain are affected). Martha has now been referred to a specialist who will hopefully find the right treatment for Martha to minimise the impact of this going forwards.

Martha Enjoys her Harvest Festival

Martha recently took part in her school Harvest Festival by helping sing "Dingle Dangle Scarecrow" dressed as a farmer.

Martha at her school Harvest Festival
As you can see from the picture and note that the school sent home, Martha did some excellent standing, something that she wouldn't have been able to do a few months ago. Martha is getting stronger and has recently shown (in her walker for support) that she wants to move around independently. Excellent progress Martha....well done...!!!

Erly Runners Support Martha

The Erly Runners completed a 10k sponsored run around Virginia Water in September

Erly Runners warm up for their sponsored run for Martha

The runners raised £1993.30 (almost doubling their target). This is an amazing total for all their hard work. Thanks to everyone who took part, helped or sponsored this event - Martha will significantly benefit from this generous support.

Hannah Helps Martha

Hannah, one of Martha's neighbours, decided she wanted to do some fundraising for Martha and completed a sponsored swim collecting an amazing £171.

Hannah with Martha and Orla
Hannah managed to swim 25 lengths of the pool. Many thanks to Hannah and her Mum and Dad for all their hard work in completing the sponsored swim and collecting such a fantastic amount of money for Martha - it really is appreciated.

Martha Attends her Summer Footsteps Session

Martha attended the Footsteps Centre for a second time this year for her summer session of intensive physiotherapy

Martha's Footsteps Certificate
Thank you to everyone who helped with fundraising to send Martha to the Footsteps Centre. It is making a big difference to Martha and her family.

Holiday Time for Martha and her Family

Martha went on a lovely holiday in Devon to help celebrate her Nana and Granddad's 50th Wedding Anniversary

Martha and her extended family on holiday in Devon
Martha really enjoyed spending time with her cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents in a lovely converted barn that was designed with easy access for wheelchair users.

Well Done to Martha

Martha received a "Well Done" from her class for working very hard this year at school

Martha working hard at school in her standing frame
Martha can now consistently place rings on a ring stacker with minimal support

Well done Martha...!!!

Martha Celebrates as School Term Ends

Martha celebrated at her school end of term assembly when she received an achievement award for progress with her Independence Skills

Martha's certificate of Achievement
Martha was very happy when she went up on stage in front of the whole school to receive her certificate.

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Martha goes to Great Ormond Street Hospital for Procedure

Martha attended Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital again this week for a procedure under general anaesthetic

Martha waiting for her procedure at GOSH

Martha was a very brave girl (despite being a bit grumpy at not being able to eat or drink before the procedure) and was happy when everything was done and she could have something to eat.

Martha enjoying some food after her procedure

Martha will be going back to GOSH next month to review the results with her consultants and plan future treatment.

Quince Players "The Accused" supports Martha

Sarah Matthews, director of the recent Quince Players' production of "The Accused" by Jeffery Archer, generously supported Martha through a number of activities such as raffles, ticket sales, sweepstakes and donations and raised an amazing £1006.20

Members of the Quince Players performing their recent production of Jeffery Archer's The Accused
Members of the audience for the Gala performance, many of whom were new to the Quince Players, commented on the high standard of the production and said that they would be sure to attend future shows.

The money raised will provide Martha with over two weeks of tailor made intensive physiotherapy at the Footsteps Centre in Oxford.

Many thanks to Sarah and the cast and crew of The Accused for continuing to support Martha so generously.

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Elliot Completes his Fantastic Fundraising Effort for Martha

Martha's cousin Elliot set himself the challenge of completing 10 long distance running races and raising money for Martha's intensive physiotherapy at the Footsteps Centre in Oxford.

Elliot has now completed his challenge and with the support of his friends and family has raised an amazing £1000 for Martha.

This will pay for two weeks of therapy and will, we hope, go along way in helping us support Martha to reach her full potential.

Martha with Elliot wearing his running medals
Thank you to Elliot and to everyone who has supported him.

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Lilly Walk of Hope and Cake Sale for Martha

The staff at Lilly have completed a Walk of Hope for Martha and have raised a fantastic £511.27 for her fund.

Martha attending the Walk of Hope with Mummy
Martha attended the event and was pleased to meet so many of the staff at Lilly who had given up their lunch hour to take part in the Walk of Hope in support of her fundraising for intenstive physiotherapy at the Footsteps Centre in Oxford.

Earlier in the year the staff at Lilly held a cake sale for Martha that raised £227.50 - an amazing amount.

Thank you to all the staff at Lilly for such generous support.

Martha Attends her First Footsteps Session of the Year

Martha attended her first three week course of daily intensive physiotherapy at the Footsteps Centre in Oxford this year.

Martha in the "Spider" at the Footsteps Centre
During the daily sessions the physiotherapist worked on Martha's balance and core strength - two things that will help Martha when she starts to take independent steps.

Although Martha was very tired at the end of the three week session, we have noticed that Martha is more alert, has better posture and is able to maintain a standing position for longer and with less support.

Martha is due to attend the next three week block of intensive physiotherapy during the summer holidays.

Thank you to everyone who has supported Martha to make this possible.

St Francis Bake Off

St Francis School in Ascot held a Bake Off on 15th March in aid of Martha and the fundraising to send her to the Footsteps Centre in Oxford for intensive physiotherapy.

The Bake Off raised a fantastic £393.80 that will go a long way to paying for Martha to attend this specialist therapy which makes such a difference to her development. Well done and thank you to all involved.

St Francis Joggers Run for Martha

Many thanks to the St Francis Joggers who took part in the Reading Half Marathon and Fun Run (44 fun runners and 11 half marathon runners) on Sunday 17th March.
Although the weather wasn't great the team pulled together to raise money for Martha's physiotherapy sessions at the Footsteps Centre in Oxford.

Class R Mums Walk for Martha

A big thank you to all the Mums from Class R at St Francis who walked from Ascot to Windsor (in the pouring rain) to raise an amazing amount of money for Martha. Also a big thank you to all those who supported them from St Francis school and church.
Class R Mums who walked in support of Martha
The total amount raised from the Class R sponsored Walk was £1272 - a fantastic amount that will go towards Martha's intensive physiotherapy.


Friday, 29 March 2013

Starburst Go Tricycle-tastic for Martha

The local Starburst charity ( have very kindly provided Martha with a new tricycle to replace her old one that she has now grown out of.

Martha trying her new tyicycle for the first time
As Martha can't stand or walk independently, a tricycle is the only real way for Martha to exercise (she is pushed along with a guide pole which also steers the trike) with her legs going round on the peddles. A tricycle also helps Martha with her hip problems by exercising her hip joints in a controlled way - hopefully strengthening her joints. Martha loves being out and about on her tricycle.

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Elliot is Joined by Friends

Martha's cousin Elliot continues his running in aid of Martha and has inspired a number of his friends and their families to support him on his "Martha Runs".

Freya, Josh, Callum, Elliot and Connor getting ready for the race

Friday, 1 February 2013

Martha Turns Six

Martha has recently celebrated her 6th birthday - she had a lovely time at school where she went to the front in Friday morning assembly and everyone sang Happy Birthday.

Martha's sister Orla helps her open some of her lovely birthday presents
Martha also really enjoyed her birthday outing to see the Quince Players pantomime Rumpelstiltzkin. Many thanks to the Quince Players for being so welcoming to Martha on a snowy Sunday afternoon.

Martha's Magic Quiz Night

Kirsty & Gemma, Martha's cousins, have very kindly decided to arrange a quiz night to raise money for Martha's Magic Steps. The quiz will take place on Saturday 2nd March at the Cordes Hall in Sunninghill. If you are interested in attending please email or call Gemma on 07811 219038

Elliot's Racing to Support Martha

Martha's cousin Elliot has completed the second of ten races in support of Martha and has continued to raise money for Martha's Magic Steps to help pay for Martha's specialist physiotherapy sessions. WELL DONE ELLIOT. Keep up the good work.

Martha's cousin Elliot running to raise money for Martha's Magic Steps

Monday, 7 January 2013

Lilly UK Erl Wood Staff Pledge Support for Martha

Staff based at Lilly's Erl Wood site have voted to support Martha with their charity fundraising this year. Martha's Aunty, nominated Martha and the result has just been announced. The staff at Erl Wood will be doing a number of fundraising activities throughout 2013 to help raise money for Martha's special physiotherapy sessions. We are delighted that the Lilly staff at Erl Wood have so generously decided to support Martha.